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Southlakes Web Site No Longer Updated.

This website first started out on 10th September 1997 and with the advent of facebook and other social media this site saw a decline in users. 

At its peak it was getting around 2,000 views a day from all over the world and the message forums were showing near on 200 messages per week but as tiumes change. I felt it time not to bother updating it back in 2012 as most people now use social media.

The only reason the site is still here is for nostalgic purposes and will one dayt vanish off the internet altogether

Feel free to look at the photos and use whatever you like as one day this site will be gone forever.

One final thing.  As time goes by and the site isn't updated then some of the links you click on may not work any longer.

Thankyou to everyone who used the site since its birth in 1997 but I now feel its time to let t6his site run its cause;



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